Some interesting points from last night.

First, let’s call the Philly loss what it was. For all that the press wanted a Black Quarterback in the Superbowl they forgot it wasn’t just his show. So did the Eagles, apparently.

Neither MacNab or his team-mates, can individually play to Super Bowl levels. Never have, and I doubt they ever will.
The reason they got as far as they did was that they managed, until last night, to play as a *team*, thus becoming than the sum of their parts.  They failed at that task last night; playing as individuals, rather than as a team.

And if you think that the press is willing to bend over backwards to hail blacks doing well, consider the tenor of the notes in the Tamapa Bay paper this morning, whining about how Tony Dungy wasn’t going to be the first black coach in history to get to the big dance, while never mentioning the outright horrid coaching that lost then their game last night.

Make no mistake; when those borders as I mentioned are crossed, I will be among the loudest cheerleaders. But only if it’s deserved. That’s part of what Dr King called “Equality’.

Meantime, it’s the Pats and the Panthers.

Personally, I’d like the Panthers to win this one.

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