Joho the Blog: Let’s not retire the Hitler comparisons: ”

What an idiot.

He defends the use of Hitler against Bush.  The arguments I’ve made here in the past about this nonsense being part and parcel of the Democrats today aside, let’s take him apart one bit at a time:

In his defense of the comparison, he floats the usual leftist chant that we (anyone not a Democrat) are engaged in :

* Demonizing enemies

So, what the left is doing with Bush and for that matter every other conservative they’ve ever faced, isn’t demonizing?
Calling someone ‘Hitler’ isn’t demonizing?

* Questioning the patriotism of dissenters

By all means, in his own words, we should continue to remember what patriotism is, and on that basis such questioning is not only valid, but a duty.

* Monitoring the political expressions of citizens

Can you say “Hate Speech’?  I knew you could.

* Establishing a special class of offenders who are removed from the protections of the judicial system

It’s called ‘a war’.

* Lowering the intensity of the threat required to justify preemptive action

The weapons involved, combined with the track history involved did that. You clearly have little concept of a guerilla war. Such a lack of understanding is why Johnson lost us ‘nam. Neither was/is not a war that can be fought by conventional means, much less won by them. Perhaps you’d LIKE the US to lose, for your own political gain. And you wonder why people question your patriotism?

* Disregarding world opinion

It’s called ‘leadership’. Leadership and consensus are generally speaking, not equal.

* Playing on fear in order to sway public opinion

Reagan, supposedly, was going to start WIII. So too, was Bush. The world was supposed to end several times because of pollution and global warming. Are you saying these constituted invalid tactics?

* Lying in order to get us to invade another country

Oh, please. I’m not even going to bother with this one. Rather, I’ll give you some basic facts I found on the point. I’d suggest a bit of thinking would do you well. At least, do some research on this before puking it up, next time, huh?

(Check this link for yourself for the whole story on his last whine.)

Short version; it was no lie.

I’ll give him credit for trying, but that rock called truth is still crushing him.

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