Drudge is reporting today that:

“The senator from North Carolina ‘strongly opposes investing Social Security in the stock market,’ according to his campaign website.

In a page titled ‘seniors,’ Edwards takes a stand on the controversial issue, declaring how he ‘strongly opposes recent efforts to privatize Social Security, which would jeopardize benefits by risking our Social Security funds in the stock market.’

But before he decided he was going to seek the Democratic presidential nomination, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal, Edwards supported investing Social Security funds in the stock market!

In a speech on October 6, 1998 in Raleigh, Senator Edwards told a group of senior citizens that Social Security surpluses – money not needed immediately to pay benefits – should be invested and kept separate. A portion of the money, up to 10 percent, could be invested in the stock market and the remainder put in secure investments such as treasury bills, Edwards explained.

On September 27, 1998, Edwards told a gathering at Elon College how a small part of the Social Security fund should be invested in stocks and bonds ‘to see the kind of returns it would produce.’ “

Amazing what a little research can do.
And so, once again, Matt’s point about why he (and other bloggers after him) are doing so well, while the mainstream press’ following dwindles…. the mainstream press, had it done it’s homework, and eliminbated it’s inherent liberal bias, would have been reporting this months ago, and eliminated this slimeball from the race beore he got rolling.

This flip-flopping without consequence does seem to fall in line with the thoughts I posted at Drezner’s yesterday. (Scroll down to find it)

The real thing here is this: When a Democrat claims a position on the issues, ask yourself; can you trust him to continue to hold that posiiton?

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