Memo to Terry McAwful:May the Democratic leaders get the anger they deserve. BY ZELL MILLER

An interesting article, in which Miller disagrees with none of the supposedly ‘core Values” of the Democrat party, but rather takes to task the personalities vieing for it’s nomination for president, for their nonsense, that just abou everyone, inclduing MOVEON has been after them about.

(Does anyone really know, other than their own powerlust, what the Democrats stand for anymore?)

But what happens? As a result of this write-up by Miller, apparently, this morning on C-Span the question was “Should Miller resign from the party, or perhaps be htrown out’. All for disageeing with Terry McAwful. (God, I love that one)

I think we can take it as an indication of what I’ve stated flatly for years; any varience from the Democrat mantra will get you lots of ire, tot he point of being excommunicated. So much for the open discussion.

I tell ya gang, the Democrats are burying themselves for this next election. The only question remaining is how many decades it’ll take to exhume them after GWB’s second term.

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