O’Neill Denies Charge Over Book Documents provides some snippets…

“Asked if he plans to vote for Bush in November’s presidential election, O’Neill said he ‘probably’ would. ‘I don’t see anyone who is better prepared or more capable,’ he told NBC.”

Asked if he thought the internal Treasury probe was a get-even move by the administration, O’Neill replied, “I don’t think so. If I were secretary of the treasury and these circumstances occurred, I would have asked the inspector general to look into it.”

I’m starting to think, for several reasons, I’ve under-estimated the amount of manipulation that the press has been exerting on him, here. It’s clear to me now the press has been trying to twist this into something to use against Mr. Bush. I have a great deal in the way of notes and links backing this premise, and I’ll be writing a BIT on all this, this weekend.

Watch for it.

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