USATODAY sayts of Dean in Todayt’s editions:

“‘I think getting rid of Saddam Hussein is a wonderful thing,’ he saidlast month. ‘But the question is, is it a good idea to send 135,000 troops unilaterally to do it?’


“In (a) 1995 letter (To Bill Clinton)…. Dean argued for unilateral action in Bosnia on moral grounds. ‘As the Catholic Church and others lost credibility during the Holocaust for not speaking out, so will the United States lose credibility,’

Dean went on to tell Clinton that America had to intervene alone because the United Nations and NATO were unable to act effectively. He went on to demand that Clinton bomb the Bosnian Serbs and supply arms to the Bosnian Muslims. He opposed using American ground troops.”

So, Unilateral actions are OK in favor of Muslims, but not against them.
Howard, you have some explaining to do. This is NOT going to sell in Iowa.

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