DRUDGE is reporting that:


MOVEON, of course is swearing they didn’t know, they’re not responsible, they regret no having caught the ads before they made it to the site, and so on.

MoveOn.org spokesman Trevor Fitzgibbon said, “we had no idea the Hitler thing even existed.”

So, what Rock have you been living under, Trevor? Have you even been reading the output of your rank and file supporters? A look in alt.politics will give you the clue… Even a shallow search of Google’s Usenet portal displays 328,000 such posts, most going back years. 

A similar search on the web pages shows an even larger number of hits. I find it hard to fathom that a group of people so centered on the net wouldn’t know this kind of non-thinking was out there.

Sorry, this innocent act doesn’t wash. This is Soros driving this.

But here’s the bottom line: Even if you assume MOVEON’s innocence in the matter…(a large unwarranted assumption, in my view) this incident still exposes what is driving the left. Sheer hatred, and nothing more.

This is not love of country driving these people, it’s hatred for it.
This is desperation in search of a path back to power.

Consider their plight;

Bush has Iraq in hand, and we now know where the WMD are, that the left has been claiming Mr Bush was lying about.

The Afghan people have a new constitution, and the Taliban, what there is left of them, are on the run.

Their supports removed, the PLO is no longer a major factor.

Libya has fallen into line.

Korea, as well.

Bush has managed to get a drug bill into law that the left has never been able to, even when they held power in all three branches, by a wider margin than the Republicans do today, indicating the success rates they’ll have at getting the job done when given more of a majority.

Bush has the Domestic economy flying high, the markets are sailing along as they have not done since Ronald Reagan was in office.
Look at the numbersfor the last year:

DJIA +25.3%
S&P 500 +26.4%
Nasdaq +50.0%

Jobless rates are coming back down, pay is going up, productivity is also going up. The states are back out of the financial trouble they were in under Bill Clinton.

Speaking of which, the American public need not be concerned anymore about their president having the sexual behavior of the average stray terrier; respect for the office has now been reinstated; Americans are feeling pretty good about their country as a result, and the polls are continuing to show this week on week.

All these trends are looking like they will continue to improve, with Bush at the helm, and all they can offer is movement away from policies and attitudes that are proving correct at every single turn; any move away from what Mr Bush is doing is clearly shown as counter productive. But what else can the Democrats offer?

In any election, the task set before anyone seeking to oust an incumbent, is to convince the voting public that moving away from the incumbent and his policies, are in the interests of that voting public, and the country as a whole.

So, the Democrats are desperate because, bluntly, their task of explaining to the voter why replacing the man responsible for all this good news, is in their best interest, is getting ever more impossible, and frankly downright laughable.

And in the doing, the Democrat’s positions and complaints are looking ever more like the traitorous, raw, power lust it is.

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