Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005

Captain Ed relates, with some amusement:

“In an odd display of twisted priorities, Canada’s Attorney General may start investigating the Canadian blogosphere to find bloggers who have linked back to CQ and broken the publication ban.

Interesting how it comes

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Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005

Looks like Pulitzer Prizes are out.
Casual comment; When I see them being passed out to Bloggers, I’ll know the bias is gone.

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Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005

You’ll recall I mentioned a 500 Gig drive Hitachi was touting last week. Well, now they’re claiming they’ll have 1TB PC drives, 20GB Microdrives by 2007.

When things start getting that big, one must wonder; is tape backup still

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Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005


“The question that you can’t answer is: what good did it do anyone for the Republicans to occupy the White House in a case like Eisenhower’s? “

Oh, that’s easy… You seem to be expecting that because someone

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Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005

Billy responds to my question at Q&O:

Perhaps the best way of answering this sort of dichotomy nonsense, is a simple question: Are other people allowed to have and act on THEIR principles?”


That depends entirely on

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Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005

We inturrupt this blog for a little reminder, courtesy of :Neal Boortz:

“So when you pull up to the pump this week and see that you’re paying almost $2.50 for a gallon of gas, don’t blame George Bush….don’t

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Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005

I suppose it’s a measure of how I’m positioned in the Google listings, that the majority of my hits today… several hundred of them in fact, are from people looking for the Captain’s Quarters blog, and finding first, stuff of

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Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005


Had it occurred to you that the people whose rights you’re so interested in not trampling on, are the very ones who are seeking the increase of government?

Get that one worked out, then come back, and we’ll discuss

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Eric Florack on April 5th, 2005

Dale at Q&O this morning gives some voice to his frustrations over the discussion that’s developed over the last several days between the libertarian Purists, and the rest of us. He nails it, here:

I object to being called unprincipled.

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