Eric Florack on April 26th, 2005

Austin Bay Blog notes a report at the CBC which pases on some quotes from Canadian ambassador to Denmark Alfonso Gagliano, who says in part:

“The separation of Quebec from Canada is not stoppable,’ Alfonso Gagliano told Radio-Canada. “He’s going

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Eric Florack on April 26th, 2005

Tim from Portland west, reminds me of another cancer survivor…Tony Snow is back on the radio… this being his second day. Says he’s feeling fine.

That pleases me no end… I’ve always rather liked that chap.

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Eric Florack on April 26th, 2005

I’m seeing (thusfar unconfirmed) rumblings that Voinovich will now vote for Bolton and that the ads against him have been pulled.

Speculation: This is beginning to sound like he wanted some stroking.

More as I find.

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Eric Florack on April 26th, 2005

KJL has sad news to pass along:

I’m keeping Laura Ingraham in my prayers and I know a lot of you will want to too. She found out Friday that she has breast cancer and will be operated on today.

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Eric Florack on April 26th, 2005

INteresting comments from Michial Novak this morning on The Corner:

“If God is dead,” a brother Karamazov said, “everything is permitted.” Well, obviously there are atheists who have a strongly reasoned, and as they see it “objective” moral code


Eric Florack on April 26th, 2005

Jon over at Q & O has (correctly) decided there is a war for the hearts and minds of America.. Then he tries to identify who is fighting for what, puts his uniquely keen mind to the task and leaps

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Eric Florack on April 26th, 2005

The Astute Blogger lives up to his name, this morning.

“I betchya that IRAQ – rife with neojihadist and neobaathist terror and nagged by lingering ethnic divisions (between Sunni Arabs, Sunni Kurdish, Shia and the Turkmen), and trying democracy for

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