John at Powerline, has an interesting story.   Senator Barbara Boxer(D-CA) presented an award to one Basim Elkarra, an agent of the Council on American-Islamic Relations

Apparently Boxer only learned of the award when she read this article, “Senators for Terror.”

Newsweek is reporting, that apon reading the article, Boxer revoked the award.

I commend Senator Boxer for putting patriotism ahead of political correctness and having the courage to risk the wrath of the MSM.   Now if the MSM would just follow Boxer’s lead. Quit evicorating Vigil Goode and start taking a close look at Keith Ellson.

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4 Responses to “Keith Ellison Call Your Office.”

  1. Not going to happen.
    Rather, they’ll ream her a new one over this. Wait and see.

  2. No argueemnt. But it is a sign of progress.  Who’d have thought that I’d be commending Senator Barbara Boxer WRT to War on Terror?  A journay of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.

  3. I guess the question in my mind that is looming largest is did she revoked this award because of some deep seated conviction, or because she knew the political consequences?  I guess time will tell on that one.


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