Jules Crittenden, today, in a great and extended article:

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak wants “war to the bitter end.” Hamas is on the run, its terrorist infrastructure and personnel being blown to bits as we speak. All good, but at the end of the day, all that gets you is a pile of rubble and a bunch of dead terrorists, international condemnation, and you start all over again.

So, what next?

There’s been a fair amount handwringing about how this all goes nowhere, it’s a zero-sum game just leaves Palestinians more angry, prospects for peace in a shambles, shocked international community alienated, and then the cycle starts again.

What if the exact opposite is true, and the destruction of Hamas is the best thing that ever happened to the Palestinians? Their game of murderous harrassing fire, after all, was the real go-nowhere game that kept the people of Gaza isolated, under the Israeli boot, suffering, wishing for another border fence holiday to cross into Egypt and buy stuff, because in a Gaza run by terrorists, that’s as good as it gets.


 I meantioned this in last night’s Ramble, and have been screaming about this for a long time, now. I said yesterday and will repeat, today, that the only way that situation is going to come to peace is if the war gets fought to a conclusion. As I keep saying, peace is a product of havng won the war waged against you. That does not mean negotiation. That means not laying down arms until the job’s done. I say let Israel level Gaza. Peace will come when Israel has the parking stripes painted on the place.

If the last 40 years have proven anything, it’s that peace is not aquired in this situation through negotiation. And I’m not the only one seeing who is responsible. I linked this yesterday without much comment, but today, I think I’ll quote part of it:

Who is responsible for the violence in Gaza asks the media?

The answer, coming from a Palestinian girl injured in the latest attacks?


Look, the crazies on the left can complain all they want to, about Israel, and label them the problem, but it doesn’t change the fact that Hamas has only one goal… the elimination of Israel. There is no negotiation, no compromise possible with that goal. No compromise can be had so long as that is the stated goal of the Palastinian government, and / or large groups within the Arab world. So, our options are limited to a total of one: Peace will only come to the region, when we eliminate totally, the groups and governments so dedicated. It’s time we get our minds around that, or we’re going to be dealing with this cul-de-sac for forty more years, and beyond, at the cost of far more lives…. since during that time, someone’s going to get nukes over there. Now’s the time to end this nonsense, and help Israel win the war.

And if small Palastinian girls can see that, what can’t our own left?

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