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  • ANNOYING: One of the more serious annoyances involved in this operation called BitsBlog is the serious lack of time remaining to balance among other necessities.  Family, Friends, and the occasional crisis among them, along with the need to attend to more personal matters than these, have rendered this site less full of new material than it should be.Thank heaven for David L and now for Mel Douglass, our most recent newcomer, or things would be far worse than they are. Of larger annoyance, perhaps, is my inability to write seriously to the readers at Pajamas Media. This is particularly annoying to me because it’s a task I genuinely enjoy. The trouble is again my schedule of late. Once I get myself up to speed sufficiently to write a column to a topic there, the topic’s already been covered, and the idea, or the article if I get the time to write one, ends up in the trash bin.Not that of itself that’s all that unusual… even in my more productive streaks, around 60% of what I write ends up either stored for future use, or trashed outright,  either way never seen again, for the most part. It’d be nice, though, if I wasn’t throwing away quite so much of it.
  • 49 of 50 STATES NEVER SAW ELIGIBILITY CERTS FROM OBAMA: So says The Canada Free Press. Here again, we have stories the Mainstream media is slow to respond to, just as for example, they were in the case of ACORN.  All of which are stories that were a Republican at the root of such stories, they’d be in wall to wall scream mode over them. You know it, I know it.
  • UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS: John Hinderaker over at Powerline reports that they’re grim in a historical perspective.  He’s got charts and pictures an arrows with a paragraph on the back of each one, to be used as evidence against … someone.
  • HERE WE GO AGAIN: Does anyone not understand that the current situation with Iran is a direct response to the perception of weak leadership on the part of the US?
  • HONORABLE MENTION: at  OTB’s Caption Contest
  • THE RETURN OF THE VWRC: Monica’s boyfreind still thinks the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is to blame, even for Obama’s current problems. I’m telling you, folks, it’s gotten to be a knee-jery reaction.
  • OBAMACARE FAILURE: Support for Obamacare now at 51%… opposition is at 56%, says Rasmussen. Now, go ahead and waffle on about Rasmussen’s supposed leanings. But tell me then how these numbers aren’t right online with what we’ve been seeing.

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