Stacy McCain discovers (rediscovers?) the well known fact that Mike Huckabee, a/k/a Dope from Hope, is a moron,  from Other McCain:

We Are Once Again Reminded Why You Can’t Spell ‘Huckabee’ Without an ‘F’

We we noted four years ago:

Our position on Mike Huckabee is simple. He is an idiot.

Mike Huckabee another person too stupid to be allowed to be President.

Huckabee, the Dope from Hope, has beem rumored to on the top of John Mccain’s short list for veep. A thought which scares the heck out of us as unthinkable:

Juckabeee professes to be pro-life,  yet he would cede the Sena seat to an idiot would vote to keep Dirty Harry Reid as Majority Leader and support the only pro-infanticide president in American history.