davidl on January 26th, 2021

The faux president, better known as the Dimwit from Delaware, falsely claims some eighty-one million votes for President. Due to Team Biden pension for counting dead voters, stealing votes and double counting voters, Slow Joe’s real totals are not clear.

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davidl on January 20th, 2021

The Dimwit from Delaware, keeps telling us that he got some eighty million votes. While the last elected, and former, President Donny can still draw millions, Slow Joe can only attract flies. This what Joey got for his installation, photo:

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davidl on January 18th, 2021

It seems that the official lock down of the Demented Denizen from Delaware, begins Wednesday, From Citizen Free Press:

[Beijing] Biden’s transition team claims there is a very real fear that members of the national guard who support President

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davidl on January 16th, 2021

In what has to be the coldest welcome since Abraham Lincoln had to sneak into Washington, Beijing Biden is setting up his occupation of the People’s Capital:

Heck the federal army got a better reception in Richmond.  This show of

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davidl on January 11th, 2021

For those readers who think Greeks only run American diners, more John Spriopoulos from
Conservative Tree video:

Do these grandmothers look like American patriots to you or traitors? Do you really want to put grandma in the gulag?

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davidl on January 9th, 2021

The last American duly elected President, Donald J. Trump, has but twelve days left in office. The feckless RINO’s have surrendered both Congress and the Presidency The Supreme Court remains mute and impotent. Yet Patriots are rallying while the liberals

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davidl on December 13th, 2020

Both Mrs. B.J. Clinton, a/k/a PIAPS, and Slow Joe, a/k/a Joseph Biden(Demented from Delaware) are vain, selfish and greedy. What’s the difference? Mrs. Clinton is smart. She used the Clinton Foundation to mask pay to play scheme. In contrast Slow

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davidl on December 12th, 2020

Give the Delaware Devil his due.  While Slow Joe’s clock only runs on an intermittent basis is it not stopped, yet.  Somebody on Slow Joe’s staff must have slipped him a note, albeit a very short one.  Slow Joe gave

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davidl on November 28th, 2020

America’s favorite lawyer Sidney Powell has unleased the Kragen in the person of Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, here after Dr. Kragen, from Andrea Widburg, American Thinker:

Although he had no access to the machines, Dr. Kershavarz has looked at available

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davidl on November 27th, 2020

There are smart people, stupid people and dangerous people.  One kind of dangerous person is the stupid person, who fancies himself as smart.  One such person, who fancies himself as smart and presidential, is Joey Biden, a/k/a Slow Joe, b/k/a

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davidl on November 15th, 2020

I am sure Eric will appreciate this story. There are few jobs with warmer hot seats that an on-air broadcast personality. The on-air talent sells his trust, and the company sells advertising. Lose the trust, lose the advertising.

Fox has

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davidl on November 13th, 2020

Never let it be said that I thought that Slow Joe, a/k/a Potemkin Joe, b/k/a Joseph Biden(moron – DE) was smart. Oh in is younger days, and his fleeting rational moments, he was glib.

The Angel of the Night, Sarah

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davidl on November 11th, 2020

Fredo Cuomo, b/k/a Mario Cuomo has made it clear that he wants to retain his title as Angel of Death. Fredo would rather see New York State residents dead, then has any political credit fall on President Trump, from, Betsy

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davidl on November 10th, 2020

Cocaine Mitch, video:

Hat tip, Last Refuge

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davidl on November 10th, 2020

To paraphrase Winston Churchill: This may not be the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning. The Battle of El Alamein marked the point when Germany switched from offense to defense. RCP (and AP) have

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