Barack Obama, President Fifty Seven States, is just not very smart.    That, in of itself  is not a capital sin.     Howver, in addition to not being smart, Obama is a small  petty and spiteful man.    That should disqualify him from pubic office, from Jawa Report:

Obama Wants Revenge Against Romney

Revenge? An odd word to use to appeal for votes. But Obama said during a speech in Ohio, “Vote! Voting’s the best revenge!”

Revenge for what? For having the audacity to publicize Administraion failures? For threatening to repeal Obamacare? For expecting the Commander-in-Chief to have a higher regard for our military? For criticizing handling of foreign policy affairs that led to the deaths of four Americans?

It’s pretty sad when a Presidential candidate, rather than earn votes based on accomplishments and issues, has to appeal for vengeance against a political opponent. Or maybe in Obama’s narcissistic mind, he is in an unjust war fighting for his very existence.

Revenge for what? The Romney campaign has been issue based. It has been Team Obama who has campaigned on the personal.   Obama did not call for revenge for the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens, rather he only seeks to bring his killers to justice.    You can attack OBama’s country, and he does not take it personal.   Attack his candidacy, and that he takes personal.    How odd.  How sad.

Addendum: Mitt Romney’s response, video:

Hat tip:   RS McCain.

I doubt that Barack Obama knows what an OODA loop is, but Mitt Romney is inside his.