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TRENTON — Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is dismissing Gov. Chris Christie as a non-factor in the presidential race because of the controversial closing of lanes to the George Washington Bridge. He named Jeb Bush as his favorite GOP contender.

“Not only can Chris Christie not win, I think he may have trouble finishing out his term,” Rendell said Tuesday at the Rebovich Institute at Rider University. He added later: “There’s absolutely no chance that he didn’t knochristie2w this was going on if he didn’t order it or OK it. So I think he’s not a factor.”

Well, he most certainly isn’t, so long as he runs under the GOP banner. But about a year ago, I came out in these spaces and predicted that we’d see Christie change parties and run for the White House as a Democrat. That’s aprediction I stand by insofar as it’s the only way he will surface as a candidate for the office. Rendell is correct that “Bridgegate”, however manufactured, is going to be too big an issue.

But watch… Let’s play a game of “What if”….

What happens when Christie Changes parties? Given his history of knowing how low to bow to the Democrats and when, the change of politics really isn’t all that much. But it does two other things. First, the mayor of Ft. Lee NJ, himself an aspiring Governor, suddenly gets forgetful, to the point of asking “What traffic jam?”

Such a move also pits him squarely against a very deeply flawed Hillary Clinton, and the specter of a third term for a deeply unpopular (even in his own party) Obama… and even absent the constitutional issues, it’s our assessment his political career is over when he leaves the office.  This is a situation which makes the White House attainable for Christie in ways it never would be if he stayed with the GOP, a party he has invariably come down to the left of, despite the party’s own left leaning.

I’m slightly more skeptical of my prediction, at the moment, but then again, the time between now and the next presidential cycle is two long (and for the Democrats, painful) years away. And as I say, it’s the only out for Christie, an obviously politically ambitious man.

Addendum:  DavidL:

If conservatives want to win national elections, we have to stop letting liberals pick our candidates, see John McCain.   Christie’s love affairs with Barack Obama and gun control leave him with some explaining to do.   Yet, Rendell’s anointed GOP favorite Jeb Bush is endorsed amnesty by declaring love trumps the rule of law is making himself radio active.  News flash, Clyde Barrow said it love a money, and not utter disregard for laws which caused him to rob banks.   Finally,  Rand Paul has a father problem.   Paul the Younger needed to put some distance between him and the Paul the Senior.   Junior is failing,


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