Hey GOP… wanna win elections? Add ‘throttling the EPA” to the platform.

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She keeps getting caught with this kind of thing.
It does make one wonder what lie she needs to be caught in, to get her ousted.

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I’ve had my disagreements with Rand Paul, and will continue to do so. But I do have to say, its about time someone had the testicular fortitude to verbally slap the liberal establishment media around, over their outright lies

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BBCT: Billy. JBeck, via Facebook.

Read the article, then ponder what Ice been saying for years about the massive fraud of “climate change”.

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davidl on July 31st, 2014

It has come to this, Hamas is an Islamist terrorist group and the United States, Barack Obama and John Kerry, are more supportive of Hamas than they are of Israel and more supportive of Hamas than many Arab states, from

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