I already took up this argument about the culpability of the state in the case of the accident involving Tracy Morgan along the Jersey Pike

But now comes an even stronger case. This time,http://7online.com/news/nj-officer-killed-on-duty-in-route-17-wreck-driver-arrested/193906 involving truck vs police car, where the cop died.

Now, let me preface all this by saying I do feel a bit sorry for the cop and his family.
That said, however, I think the fault lies with the cop, and his supervisors and the state. I would urge you to do a little investigation on your own. You will find the following.

Route 17 in New Jersey is a VERY busy highway. Most of it is unlighted, including the area where the accident occurred.
The accident occurred in the early morning hours. It was dark, in short.
The entire area is posted with “no parking” “no standing” “no stopping signs, including the area in which the cop was parked running his radar. With all that, it wasn’t going to take much for an accident to happen.

Now…. why was the cop sitting in the dark, running radar, in an area that was clearly dangerous to both he and other drivers? Because the state needs money. No, he was not protecting us. This was not about keeping folks safe.  Clearly, if safety was the reason he was doing enforcement, he’d not have been parked in the dark with no lights under a no parking/no standing sign. I mean, the accident is a reminder that those signs and those road markers are there for a REASON.

Yet, they have the truck driver on fire for his death. And the cop, and the government that sent him out to do what he was doing, apparently gets the governmental magic wand waved over them, in which they share none of the blame at all.

This is justice?

And, again,, who was the cop protecting us from, since he himself was unarguably creating a danger? While his death is a tragedy that is felt by his family, what shall we say of the truck driver and. HIS family, who will also be feeling the pain because of the dangerous action of the police and the ever money-hungry state?


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