This not a defense of Denny Hastert.

Follow along with me, the Department of Justice, lead by Loretta Lynch, uncovers an on going felony and in responce, Lynch’s Lads arrest the victim, WTF, from Warrens Space:

Former congressman Dennis Hastert has been charged with failing to tell his bank why he was withdrawing his money (up to $3.5 million withdrawn in smaller amounts over a few years). It appears that he was being blackmailed by someone threatening to expose a sexual relationship long ago that Mr. Hastert does not want disclosed. Blackmail is a crime that I understand, but I have yet to read that the blackmailer has been charged with any crime. I assume that that is coming.

Mr. Hastert is being charged with violating our Anti Money Laundering (AML) laws.
These laws allow arresting and convicting people for moving money (as Mr. Hastert was doing) that the government thinks was the proceeds of crime (not the case with Mr. Hastert, his crime was failing to report what he planned to with his money), when they are not able to prove that there was a crime in the first place. As far as I know, paying a blackmailer (which is what Mr. Hastert apparently did) is not a crime, though demanding and receiving such money is.

If Lynch’s DOJ had any intention of prosecuting Denny Hastert’s blackmailer, they would not have kept his name secret. In the Lynch regime, it is now a federal crime for a private citizen to spend his own money as he alone sees fit for a completely legal purpose, albeit ever to ill advised.    Lynch has charged Denny Hastert with nothing more that spending his own money and tell the FBI all about it.  Lynch offers no evidence of any underlying prosecutable federal offense.  Do we have to bring back the reprobate Eric Holder to restore some little dignity to the Department of  Justice?