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When you care enough to steal only the best.

It is bad enough to be a pseudo President crippled by dementia.  Having your Defense Department go rogue and attacking sovereign foreign nation without any apparent notification

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davidl on January 26th, 2021

The faux president, better known as the Dimwit from Delaware, falsely claims some eighty-one million votes for President. Due to Team Biden pension for counting dead voters, stealing votes and double counting voters, Slow Joe’s real totals are not clear.

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davidl on December 22nd, 2020

Good news, we still have a President. Donny just sent a message to Nan and Mitch, take their pork laden bill macerating as a Chinese virus relief bill and shove it, from NOC Report:

President Trump took to the

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davidl on December 21st, 2020

Do you have a room temperature, or better, IQ and count the Delaware Dimwit, a/k/a Slow Joe, b/k/a Mr. Joe Biden(Delaware)? If so, Sloe Joe just called you a moron, from Town Hall:

Throughout the scandals of the last

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davidl on December 5th, 2020

The President of the United States(POTUS) pardoned Lt. General Michael Flynn over a week ago.  Yet for reasons unknown, or maybe not, the presiding judge, Emmet Sullivan has not closed the case.  The same judge who refused to dismiss the

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davidl on June 27th, 2020

Joseph Biden, a/k/a Slow Joe crawled out his Delaware basement.

from Biz Pac Review:


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davidl on June 24th, 2020

If Judge Emmet Sullivan were but an honest man, this would mark the end of United States v. Flynn, from Just the News:

A federal appeals court Wednesday ordered a judge to grant the Justice Department its request to

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davidl on June 4th, 2020

The Associated Press ventured out of their bunker to take a field trip to Minneapolis to circa a miles from the local epicenter of the George Soros riots:

A week of civil unrest has led some Minneapolis residents near the

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davidl on June 1st, 2020

Antifa thug steals AR-15 from burning police cruiser. Unknown security officer, retrieves said gun from aforementioned thug, video:


Its the bad ass move of the day. Don’t try this at home kids.

Hat tip and more, PJ Media.

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davidl on May 30th, 2020
Once again the historic Minnesota state militia is facing an armed rebellion.  This time the battle is not going so well, from PJ Media:

Townhall’s Julio Rosas is on the ground in Minneapolis this week, reporting on the protests

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davidl on May 29th, 2020
We got a problem in Minneapolis, a dead man named George Floyd. This is not to say ten thousand people, with undisclosed names is not an even bigger problem in the Empire State. I holding my fire on Floyd’s death,

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davidl on May 22nd, 2020
Slow Joe, b/k/a Joseph Biden(moron – DE) has a very simple message for black voters, if you dare wonder off the democrat plantation by not voting for him, you are not black:

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davidl on May 21st, 2020
CNN’s own Fredo(Jr.) Cuomo interviewed his older brother Fredo(Sr.) With New York State being the domestic epicenter of the Chinese Wuflu, in large part due Sr’s policy of infecting nursing homes with Covid positive patients, Jr skillfully steered the conversation

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davidl on May 20th, 2020
On the very day she left office, former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice sent a classified email to herself.

First, from Merriam-Webster:

Top Secret: containing or being information whose unauthorized disclosure could result in exceptionally grave danger to the

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davidl on May 19th, 2020
Imagine, if you will, that you confided to your neighbor than you saw your doctor with concernd about the flu, and that you physician had given you a prescription.  In turn, your neighbor Karen had thrown a hissy fit and

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