Advocates of the theory of anthropogenic global warming(AGW) claim the science is settled and some kooks have gone so far as to suggest that those who deny the tenets of AGW be jailed.   Yet in the world of real science, a particular scientific theory is never proven.   Rather the theory is is demonstrated, or refuted.   Never proven.

So while Albert Einstein‘s Theory of Relativity can explain the nuclear bomb, and much more.  It is still deemed  a theory and never termed as “settled science.”   In contrast AGW which incapable of hindcasting yesterday’s weather is for some reason deemed as settled.   Real scientists have challenged Einstein‘s theory, from the New York Times:

In a landmark study, scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands reported that they had conducted an experiment that they say proved one of the most fundamental claims of quantum theory — that objects separated by great distance can instantaneously affect each other’s behavior.

The finding is another blow to one of the bedrock principles of standard physics known as “locality,” which states that an object is directly influenced only by its immediate surroundings. The Delft study, published Wednesday in the journal Nature, lends further credence to an idea that Einstein famously rejected. He said quantum theory necessitated “spooky action at a distance,” and he refused to accept the notion that the universe could behave in such a strange and apparently random fashion.

In particular, Einstein derided the idea that separate particles could be “entangled” so completely that measuring one particle would instantaneously influence the other, regardless of the distance separating them.

The Theory of Relativity is a useful theory with predictive value. Einstien’s theory has been tested a found to work. Yet scientists are still free to challenge the theory. On the other hand, AGW has not predicted anything but its tenets must be taken a Gospel, under the penalty of excommunication.

About all the AGW fanatics has shown is that is that if you increase the  amount of carbon dioxide in computer model, the temperature increases.   What they have not shown is that their computer models model real world weather.

Hat tip:  Kate, Small Dead Animals.