Robert Post is the dean and a professor of law at Yale Law School, and a disgrace to both his school and profession, from Washington Post:

Global warming is perhaps the single most significant threat facing the future of humanity on this planet. It is likely to wreak havoc on the economy, including, most especially, on the stocks of companies that sell hydrocarbon energy products. If large oil companies have deliberately misinformed investors about their knowledge of global warming, they may have committed serious commercial fraud.


The obvious point, which remarkably bears repeating, is that there are circumstances when scientific theories must remain open and subject to challenge, and there are circumstances when the government must act to protect the integrity of the market, even if it requires determining the truth or falsity of those theories. Public debate must be protected, but fraud must also be suppressed. Fraud is especially egregious because it is committed when a seller does not himself believe the hokum he foists on an unwitting public.

A lie repeated is still a lie. A theory is a theoretical explanation. While a theory can be disproved, it can never be proved. If a theory were ever to be proven, it would no longer be theory, put rather a fact. Post postulates his theory of anthropogenic global warming but wants his theory treated as if it were a fact.

Citizens have the right of free political speech. The state has no legitimate power to suppress free speech simply because she neither accepts the speech nor has the power to refute it. If the theory of anthropgenic global warming were good theory, the hacks shilling it would not have to resort to creating their so-called data out of whole cloth and suppressing their evidence, what ever it might be.