One side of me says this is story but should be treated seriously. It should. In large part I will not. In Portland Saturday some wannabe Antifa/BLM soldier boy attempted to throw Molotov Cocktail at I assume was the Portland police. The unknown man, who I will call PVT Sad Sack. Darwin utterly failed. For which I present the late great Johnny Cash, video:

As for the wannabe PVT Sad Sack, he was attempting to use weapon for which he was not trained. Standing alone in the middle of the road, instead a stop, drop and roll, then using his jacket to extinguish the fire, Sad Sack runs into the crowd in an apparent attempt to set them too on fire. Even after he on the ground, instead of rolling, he gets up again.  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.  Then, I recommend Sad Sack look up the term fratricide.

As for the crowd, Sad Sack had more audience that comrades. Many were interested in taking picture. A few shouted proper advice, stop, drop, and roll. Nobody on camera render effective assistance.

The question who was the joker with a helmet with “Press” stenciled on it? No journalist needs a helmet to cover what they describe as a “peaceful protest.”

Finally, you can go to PJ Media to over a dozen more videos. Try and pick your favorite.