Fredo Cuomo, b/k/a Mario Cuomo has made it clear that he wants to retain his title as Angel of Death. Fredo would rather see New York State residents dead, then has any political credit fall on President Trump, from, Betsy McCaughey, New York Post:

Monday’s news that a COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer will be ready for Food and Drug Administration approval this month sent stock markets soaring and everyone celebrating. It is wonderful news for all humanity.

A vaccine will slow the deaths, end the lockdowns, allow businesses to reopen, free children to return to school and return life to normal within half a year.

Amazingly, one group isn’t celebrating: Democratic politicians. They would sooner criticize the breakthrough than allow the triumph to occur on President Trump’s watch. Gov. Cuomo in New York and Gov. Gavin Newsom in California are saying FDA approval of the vaccine isn’t enough, and they will insist on approval by experts in their own states, as well.

That’s unconstitutional. Drug approval is a federal responsibility, and courts have ruled that states should stay out of it.

Cuomo took it a preposterous step further on Monday, arguing that it would have been better if the vaccine had been delayed until Joe Biden became president. With over 1,000 Americans dying a day from COVID-19, Cuomo’s political calculation makes no sense.

The same title could also be applied to California dictator governor Gavin Newsome

For the record, I believe the federal government has no constitutional authority to control the use of prescription drugs.  It is not interstate commerce.  That said the federal government has given herself the role, and either it is, or it is not, the federal government’s role.  However, Fredo is not challenging the federal government authority, just flaunting it.

It may well too late to save Thanksgiving, but maybe not Christmas.  Fredo Cuomo the killer of Christmas.