Just a few thoughts on the passing parade:

* Speaking just for me, I’m personally shocked and dismayed that changing the graphics on bags of rice boxes of pancake mix and tearing down statues didn’t solve all of the world’s problems. Is there ever any actual purpose to those things beyond riling up the group thinkers? It appears not.

* I see a lot of people making references to the fall of the Roman empire vis-a-vis what we are seeing here in the states just now. It’s nonsense.

What we are currently experiencing here in these less than United States cannot be directly compared to the fall of Rome, mostly because Rome at least had good roads. There are examples of roads built by the Romans 5000 years ago that are in better shape than those built here in the US 5 years ago. What do you say we spend money on actual infrastructure instead of social programming, and buying votes?

* Over at Hot Air, Ed points out that Megan McCain… (who, it should be said, is not a complete ditz, she just plays one in front of any camera that happens to be around..) …is now saying things like “who knew that Joe Biden was going to be so awful?” Well, your old man didn’t, which is probably why you didn’t either. Donald Trump knew. Donald Trump’s supporters knew. Actual conservatives did, as well, so what’s your excuse?. You know, the people that you were complaining about just a short while ago? There’s a clue there, sweetheart. Use it in good health. And here’s another clue. Wasn’t it your old man who told us all that we didn’t have anything to fear from an Obama Biden administration? Take the hint, girl.

*The next time you hear somebody speaking admiringly about AOC and her “tax the rich” nonsense, remind them that the top 1% of earners in this country pay 40% of the taxes already. If you open that up to the top 10%, the figure comes out in the neighborhood of 70%.

* But let’s forget about percentages. And screw fairness for the sake of argument. Let’s take it All. If we take all the income from the top 10% and put it into the Federal coffers as Democrats would likely love to do, it won’t make a dent in paying off the spending that they’re already doing. Not even close. So the question becomes, what is it that they hope to gain? It’s obvious Marx would be proud, but few other people.

* Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is going to play large in the next presidential election. That’s mostly because he’s not a sniveling twit. That’s a quality that you won’t find among Democrats these days, or among The Establishment GOP.