Eric Florack on September 24th, 2021

With the collapse of the Chinese economy in full progress now, I suspect Chinese money is not going to be so much of a factor around the world, as it has been. I suppose some will view this as a

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Eric Florack on September 24th, 2021

The situation we find ourselves in right now is every zombie apocalypse movie we’ve ever watched.

Think about it…. those movies always seem to start out with some moron in a white lab coat who looks amazingly like Anthony Fauci,

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Eric Florack on September 24th, 2021

You know somebody raised an interesting point about the ritual of doing taxes every year. It runs like this:

Okay, leaving aside the argument about how taxation is theft, let’s break off a piece of the argument about the way

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Eric Florack on September 24th, 2021

Just a few thoughts on the passing parade:

* Speaking just for me, I’m personally shocked and dismayed that changing the graphics on bags of rice boxes of pancake mix and tearing down statues didn’t solve all of the world’s

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