The situation we find ourselves in right now is every zombie apocalypse movie we’ve ever watched.

Think about it…. those movies always seem to start out with some moron in a white lab coat who looks amazingly like Anthony Fauci, speaking with authority, telling us “go on with your lives, citizen, there’s nothing to see here, nothing to worry about. Everything’s under control.”

And of course, just like in the movies, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

We now know the covid-19 virus is a direct result of illegal “research” done in China under the auspices of the Chinese Communist party, so as to hide the illegal activity from the American people, and from the remainder of the world.

We also know that this virus was bought and paid for with your tax dollars. Those responsible for it have been scrambling to cover their backsides ever since it’s release a year ago.

Remember, Anthony Fauci standing up on his hind legs two days after the election of Donald Trump telling us all about how Donald Trump was going to face a pandemic. You tell me, is the timing a little suspicious at least? Just how did he know that?

We know that the Chinese economy is imploding. They have finally run out of other people’s money. That massive military buildup we’ve been seeing? It’s all on credit. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to come up with the Chinese Communist party deciding to use the weapon it had in its hands to strengthen its World position. And the irony is it was all paid for with American tax dollars.

Once this thing got out into the wild it was clear that those responsible for it here in the States including Fauci needed to create a cover story and a lot of misdirection.

The first in the series of lies was the wet market selling bats fairy tale. That fantasy didn’t even last a week.

Since that time, instead of following the science, we’ve been following the politics. As an example, masking.

For the prime example of this we look to the state of Oregon wherein mandatory masking has resulted in a 73% increase in covid-19 cases. I’m willing to bet you haven’t heard about that one. There’s a reason for that. The news media is playing politics too and forgetting the science. The actual facts suffer when the narrative is the priority.

But don’t worry, everything’s under control.