Every time I see one of those go- karts with delusions of car hood, I imagine the owner running out of electricity halfway through his trip for the last time, and walking to the nearest gas station buying a gas can full of gas, and pouring it into the interior of his vehicle and dropping a match.

Of course, given the way those things tend to torch themselves, such as this Tesla, maybe actually using gasoline to put them out of our misery isn’t necessary.

The questions that the enviro whack job left still is unwilling to answer is how many nuclear power plants they are willing to suborn to support a switch to battery powered go karts. How much in the way of infrastructure will they support? In other words transmission lines.

California, you see, is a model for how this is all supposed to work in the mindlessness of the left, and is in fact probably the way they want the entire country to go.

In short, they would much rather have us dependent on somebody else for our energy needs. Romania for example the Saudis. Iran. I don’t know about you but I’m old enough to remember Biden halting Federal oil and gas sales. Here’s a refresher on that point

The Democrats will tell you that it’s two level the playing field to allow electric transportation to flourish but like everything else that the Democrats do look to the money. They gain personally either through graft or simple opportunism every time they get their way on matters of energy. Every single time.

And the fact is, we simply don’t have the capacity to deal with electric go karts. Take California as an example.

California has very little in the way of generating capacity. Way under what’s required to support themselves. They also have just barely enough in the way of electric infrastructure to get by with under normal conditions at the moment.

This leads to shortages of electricity. It’s why the California state government recently was telling everybody not to charge their electric vehicles.

Go back and read that paragraph again. That’s right my friends, the warning signs are there, we’re just supposed to ignore them because we have to save the polar bears, or something

California ships all of their electricity in from out of state, and so are totally dependent on transmission lines. If I remember correctly the last generating station to be built in California was in 1974. So with all that in mind, you have a fairly decent idea of why the term brownout has become common parlance.

My friends , it’s a sure bet that the existing infrastructure in California will simply not put up with the additional strain of however many electric go karts they’re trying to charge. There just isn’t enough unicorn farts to go around.

You do know, don’t you, that a lack of support for modern infrastructure is precisely why the Camp, California fire occurred, don’t you? PG&E had been trying for years to get the government to allow them to upgrade the system. But the Democrat run State wouldn’t have a thing to do with it, and poof! An entire town is gone. Of course, not eliminating the brush in those areas which fueled the fire, had something to do with it too but it both comes down to a leftist run government being stupid.

Then we come to the power storage device used in these monstrosities, the lithium battery. Let’s leave aside for the moment that nobody’s ever been able to figure out how to recycle these bloody things. Let’s ignore the expense involved of replacing them which causes scenes like this graphic taken in France of large numbers of electric vehicles that nobody wants to spend the money to replace the worn out lithium ion batteries that nobody can recycle. The life expectancy of an electric vehicle ends up being something in the neighborhood of 2 years. Maybe.

Then, let’s consider where the lithium comes from.

It really doesn’t take much to understand the why of the push toward electric vehicles. It’s all about the money and Chinese dominating the economic world. Follow the money. Afghanistan, you see, is considered to be the Saudi Arabia of lithium. Which in turn also explains the push of the Chinese to get the us out of Afghanistan.

Control the lithium, as the Chinese will very shortly, and you know who’s going to be making money because of the Democrats narrow-mindedness about energy and it’s use.


(Gee, do you suppose with the demonstrated links between the Chinese Communist party and the Democrat party here in the states there’s a link here someplace??)

So do you suppose we have a chance of getting the federal government to stop spending money on promoting these monstrosities?