More passing thoughts:

So we see Joe Biden telling Americans that we should put our faith in government. Am I the only one who flashed on Voldemort saying precisely the same thing?

The Democrats like to tell us that they can clean up the environment of the entire world. Have you looked at New York, Chicago and Los Angeles of late? They’ve had all three of those cities in their clutches for the last 50 years. Forgive me but I feel to see any improvement.

Oh, speaking of California, did you notice where the city of San Francisco is trying to redesign the trash can? Apparently the successful redesign of the gasoline can (which is to say, that they made it totally non-functional and worthless)…wasn’t enough. They’ve been at it for a number of years now and it’s still not done. When it is, those trash cans will cost thousands of dollars each. You know, with people pooping in the street down there frequently enough that they managed to put together a website to keep track of it, you would think that San Francisco would have other priorities.