Consider the once great city of San Francisco, where “God save the Queen” has a completely different meaning. And so does “drag races. ”

Consider the representatives from that area, who are in our federal government. These are the people who were telling us that we were destroying America and whose every action is destroying America. One of life’s little ironies.

Here’s a few more:

With this covid-19 thing, we have history making going on. It’s the first time, so far as I’m aware, that a medicines ineffectiveness is being blamed on those who didn’t take it.

Like for example, the Amish. Who, perhaps it should be noted, have not seen large numbers of people dying from covid-19.

You know, maybe we should be following the money instead of the politically charged “science”. Just a thought…

Speaking of which, if they really want to make sure that everybody gets vaccinated, why don’t they just send them out in the mail in good faith, and we can mail back an affidavit saying that we’ve taken it? You know, like they do with voting.

Postulate aliens coming down today, stepping off their spaceship and saying “take me to your leader”. The resulting confusion would be epic.

The primary purpose of a vice president is to make the president look good. Obama was in fact the worst president we had ever elected, until this most recent election. And by comparison, Biden made Obama look good. Biden is currently demonstrating just how true that statement is.

Joe Biden called Trump supporters “the American Taliban”. And then proceeded to turn Afghanistan and a whole bunch of military equipment over to the real Taliban.