From Jim Lowitzer:

I see a lot of posts and press releases declaring that “the war is over.” Pardon my skepticism, but the war isn’t over. We are in retreat, but it isn’t over. I believe that it began with the Feb. 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

That, of course, was repeated with vastly greater destruction on Sept. 11, 2001. Along the way, there was the June 1996 bombing of the Kobar Towers, the embassy bombings (two) in August 1978, the 2015 San Bernadino attacks, and others as well.

We may have pulled our military presence out of Afghanistan, but our enemies have not left the field. They will be back and, once again, they will get to pick the field of battle. This war is a long way from being over.

Jim is absolutely correct here.

Myself and a host of others up to and including George W Bush told you…that this was going to be a multi-generational conflict, that one could not expect to build a Western style democracy in 20 years out of a bunch of dirt scratchers who insist on living in the 14th century. Cultures, you see, take a long time to change.

Long time readers of this website will recall that I worried immediately following the election of Barack Hussein Obama that we were going to abandon that plan. I expressed similar fears with the supposed election of Uncle Creepy, and for the same reason.

Frankly I don’t recall ever being quite so annoyed about being correct.

The case of Biden in these matters is even more problematic than that of Obama’s, because this time they left the Taliban with sophisticated weaponry to fight with, this guaranteeing a continuation of the war and an expansion of it.

Further leaving weaponry in Afghanistan means the Chinese will have their hands on it shortly to tear down and analyze and copy.

No, thanks to our brain dead leadership, this war has just begun.