With the collapse of the Chinese economy in full progress now, I suspect Chinese money is not going to be so much of a factor around the world, as it has been. I suppose some will view this as a good thing but there are problems that we’re going to have to face, and very soon.Leaving aside any other actions over the last 20 years or so by the Chinese, all the military expansionism you’ve been hearing about in China has been done on the credit card, and it would appear to this outsider that they finally run out of other people’s money.The problem is at this point that the resulting waves of economic problems and supply chain issues are going to be felt around for the rest of the world for some time.Add to that the idea that China still has a formidable military at its disposal. The fact is, with the economic problems that they’ve got going on over there right now, the military is about all they’ve got left.As a result, the chances are higher than usual that they will see that military ability as their redemption, or perhaps more correctly, their only way out of the box that they’ve created for themselves.When that happens, we are in serious trouble here in the West. Given the decimation of both our foreign relationships and our own military at the hands of the Democrats, the result is quite predictable.