Personally I’m waiting for the 4-time jabbed people to be blaming the three jabbed people for spreading the virus.

Really. And you know what’s going to happen. The neighborhood two-bit tyrants are going to get together and figure out that they actually have something that they can load over the rest of us with.

And look, before you start tuning up, read the whole thing.

Make no mistake about this.

Do I believe there’s a problem here?

Do I believe the virus is real?


Do I believe the problem was caused by government?


I believe there is blood on the hands of the people who created this virus. Government people. The people who used tax money, American tax dollars to develop this disease in communist China ostensibly so that they could sidestep the laws as regards gain of function research. Regardless of what Fauci has to say about it, Rand Paul got this one right

Do I believe that China offered its cooperation in the matter so as to have a weapon to cripple a strong America?


Do I believe that the virus being developed in China is suspect?


Do I believe it’s more than a coincidence that everything that Joe Biden has done since he got into the white house, absolutely everything, benefits China?

Yes. That is suspect as well. I believe the two issues are tied together and the evidence is quickly developing to bear that out.

Do I believe the government is now scrambling to cover its own backside? Yes.

Was all of this planned?

Do I believe that the numbers of infected are being manipulated to spread the fear?

I certainly do. After all, a fearful populace is easier to control.

Remember the specter of Anthony Fauci telling everyone two days after the election of Donald Trump that Trump was going to face a pandemic. Now, how would he know that?

Do I think that the release of this virus is suspiciously timed?

You betcha. They had to take down Trump at any cost to keep the Chinese happy.  And you know that it was years in development.

Finally, mark this one well;

Remember that when you allow a government to break the rules in a so-called emergency, they will always create an emergency so as to allow themselves to break the rules with impunity.

Oh by the way, you want to read Glen Reynolds today in the New York Post