Tom Lifson:

A frightening incident took place Wednesday on a JetBlue flight from Boston to San Juan in which a passenger assaulted a flight attendant, broke free of wrist ties once restrained, and attempted to storm the cockpit, with the door open because a crew member had used the toilet. Although the passenger shouted the name “Allah,” nearly all the media reports that I have been able to find (here, here, and here, for instance) omit that point and merely state that he was angry about a failed phone call and imply that mental illness was the root cause of the attack.

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Tom says, and correctly…

In the wake of Joe Biden’s surrender to the Taliban jihadists, who have resumed lopping off hands and killing women weaing “immodest” attire, we wouldn’t want Americans to start thinking jihad is a threat to their own safety.


How many unvetted people are we letting in to the country again? Why is the southern border still open? Oh, and about arming the Taliban….