You know somebody raised an interesting point about the ritual of doing taxes every year. It runs like this:

Okay, leaving aside the argument about how taxation is theft, let’s break off a piece of the argument about the way our government deals with income taxes. Why on Earth is the government requiring us to file paperwork?

If you’re taking the standard deduction, every bit of information that you put on that tax form the government already has on file. They already know how much you earn, how much in the way of taxes has already been taken off of your paychecks and who you’re supporting.

So why do we go through the charade every year, why are we paying hundreds of dollars to a company that absent the requirement of the tax paperwork wouldn’t exist? H&R Block, turbotax, whatever. For that matter, we could eliminate the IRS all together. The government already has all this information there’s no purpose being served by our filling out those forms.

Other, of course then the psychological. Filling out those forms and sending them in every year along with a check seems to be an acknowledgment of governmental “authority”. Which is it seems to me, fundamentally un-American.

And as an aside, did anybody notice the reports coming out about how Joe Biden owes something on the order of $500,000 in back taxes? And that is only true if you limit it to his legitimate earnings.