It amazes me that the left has gone from”critical race theory is a right-wing fantasy” to unleashing the FBI on any parent who objects to it being taught in government schools… And the guy who unleashes the FBI on those parents? The father-in-law of someone responsible for spreading CRT. Why isn’t Merrick Garland in jail? Oh, that’s right. Democrats are running things. Forget I asked. The question though is for how long. Parents across the country are finally woken up to what’s happening in government schools and their voices are being heard. This does not bode well for Democrats.

And watching this global climate nonsense in Scotland, it occurs to me how much in the way of fossil fuels got burned flying jets into Scotland. You would think that such a get together would better serve the stated purpose if it was all done virtually, online.

We still have people stranded in Afghanistan. Funny how you haven’t heard anything about that.