Eric Florack on November 24th, 2021

Arrested for shooting at his nephew, released on $500 Bail.

Accused of hitting the mother of his child, and then running her over with that red SUV of his, released on $1,000 Bail

Arrested for murdering 6, injuring 50 after

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Eric Florack on November 24th, 2021

The so-called Facebook fact checkers have been showing their leftist bias for some time now. Since the beginning, in fact. So it was no surprise when are you supposedly explosive allegations showed up on Capitol Hill, essentially demanding that government

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There is a common theme running through the election results, everywhere you look. No more pronounced is it however then in the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, and notably it’s a theme that’s being ignored by the usual

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I note a bill going through the New Jersey legislature that offers a $250 tax credit for taking out a subscription to the newspapers in the state

Stated reason for the bill is to keep the newspapers afloat, all apparently

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