A fairly decent piece from Anna Rose, in which she gets some things right… but hardly everything.

I’ll leave you to read the article yourself but I’m going to warn you to be careful where you step with this thing.

The first thing you need to understand is with Democrats it’s all about advancing the leftist agenda. You can get away with damn near anything so long as the agenda isn’t damaged. The only time Democrats will turn on their own is when they become too big and embarrassment, and an impediment to the forwarding of the leftist agenda. That way lies Jim Trafficant, for example. On the other hand consider the Democrat defense of Bill Clinton. Menendez, Adam Schiff, Hillary Clinton, and infinitum. Calling these people out on their misdeeds would have caused greater damage to the advancements of the leftist agenda, so they basically got away with it.

If the number of nursing home deaths behind Cuomo were to get the attention that they deserve, it would certainly be an impediment to the leftist agenda. Still, they needed to get Cuomo out of the way. How to do that? Oh yes, a sex scandal. It’s always works for the Democrats before.

With Anthony fauci it’s a slightly different scenario. With him it’s all about hiding the fact that under his leadership the US was cooperating with the Chinese government to do gain of function research. Biological weapons. Keeping in mind anything that gets developed at that lab is already in the hands of the Communist Chinese who aren’t exactly our best friends.. which on its face strikes me as a major security matter, the question becomes why Faucci and company were going so far outside the law.

The fact of the matter is covid-19 was developed in cooperation with the Chinese communists on our time. Your taxpayer money developed covid-19 and is directly responsible for all of those deaths including the ones caused by Andrew Cuomo.

I suggest that of the two Anthony Faucci is the bigger fish, because without him doing his illegal research and handing the results of that research to the Communist Chinese while we paid for it, Andrew Cuomo would still be playing grab ass with his subordinates and all those covid-19 deaths in the economic destruction that the virus caused would never have happened.

So…..Why isn’t Anthony Faucci in jail at this very moment? Again, doing that would damage the leftist agenda. Why isn’t Andrew Cuomo in jail? Same answer.

That’s the lesson here. It’s always about the leftist agenda.