So the race that everyone was watching was the Virginia governor’s race.

Yes the 50,000 McAuliffe votes that appeared at 10:57pm is interesting, and is suggestive that there is still cheating going on on behalf of Democrats. Given the links to the clintons, that should be no surprise at all.

Probably has something to do with the problems in Fairfax county, (wow, what a shock!) …which it is claimed to have something to do with outdated memory cards.

Interesting though that that happened in one of the few counties in Virginia that the Democrat actually won. Also interesting that the problems were not reported by the board of elections there, but by McAuliffe’s campaign.

I will label the Republicans in Virginia fools if they don’t investigate what happened in Fairfax county, particularly with the Republican win because they now have the ability to mount such an investigation.

The leftists are in the process of melting down on this one. Amongst other bogus claims, they are saying that the election was about critical race theory, white backlash and so on.

Yeah, sure. Virginians vote for a black female for lieutenant governor, and Hispanic attorney general because they’re all a bunch of racists.

As an indication of just how bad things are for the Democrats, mega moron Phil Murphy is about to go down in flames in New Jersey. That’s barring any last minute “found” votes, of course.