Well this was probably the only thing that was left to cover. Billy back passes along a bit of intrigue:

EDIT: the authenticity of this data in the disputed files is now in dispute. This is not clear yet.


The Rittenhouse drone video file presented to the defense and the court is marked internally by the Handbrake trans-coder. This, after ADA Kraus stated to the court that it had not been altered, and that “none of [the prosecution team] would even know how to do that.” This is not ordinary image metadata and must be discovered with a hex editor.

If this is true, then people conducting that prosecution must be criminally charged, beginning with ADA Kraus, on whose evidence laptop computer the Handbrake software is installed.

Oh, it gets better…

It looks now like the files that were distributed in the court including the somewhat lower resolution video given the defense wasn’t created on handbrake, but was in fact created on Apples QuickTime, though it had been run through handbrake at one time, possibly in the original conversion from the format supported by the drone.

Fox News at this point is reporting:

Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys, Mark Richards and Corey Chirafisi, said prosecutors gave them a 3.6-megabyte version of a drone video, while the version they kept for themselves had amounted to 11.2 MB. They said the resolution of the file they received came in at 480 by 212 pixels, compared to 1920 by 844 in the prosecution’s file.

Which probably means that neither file is the original.

Somewhere along the way also, a conversion was done from an iPhone to an Android.

I have to tell you, I smell a fish here. Given what else we have seen from this prosecution, it would make total sense to me to find the evidence being tampered with.

Given the crowds of animals outside the courtroom threatening violence, given the bleatings we’ve been seeing from the leftist press and given the amount of importance the left as a whole puts on a conviction in this case, are we truly to believe now that shenanigans weren’t involved on the part of the prosecution?

After all, tampering with data works so well in the case of elections….

The case needs to be dismissed with prejudice, Rittenhouse needs to be freed immediately, and a criminal investigation needs to be mounted here against the prosecutors. Based on the noises the judges making at the moment, I don’t see that happening without an additional development.

It makes me wonder how many times the judge has to be beaten about the head and shoulders with evidence before he acts accordingly.

And I will make the rather obvious prediction that Rittenhouse once the civil suits are out of the way is going to be a very rich man.