The riots that we were all witness to, happened l because Democratic politicans told law enforcement to stand down. They defunded their police departments, and generally disparaged the idea of law and law enforcement. Had those officials actually done their job, or more correctly, allowed the law enforcement people to do their jobs, none of this would have gone down.

And why did all this happen? Why did they consider it desirable to disable law enforcement? Because they didn’t like Donald Trump, for one thing. They saw power slipping away from the Democrat party. They wanted to create a situation that they thought they could blame on their opponents. But the American people saw through that as evidenced by the overwhelming reaction to the vindication of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Those politicians should be held liable for the resulting damages. These elected officials with delusions of being community organizers should be financially drawn and quartered, permanently. And frankly in most cases jail time is appropriate as well.

As I said on the blog the other day…

Think about it now: when is the last time you heard of anyone in government paying for screwing up somebody’s life unjustly? No I’m not talking about government coughing up taxpayer money to make the problem go away. Talking about actual jail time for the perpetrators who supposedly represent the government. I don’t recall anybody, any prosecutor anywhere being sent to prison for such an act.

All they need to do is waive the magic wand of government over it, and all the guilt goes away. We’ve all seen it happen.

There’s a lot of people going around this morning saying that justice has been done in the case of Kyle Rittenhouse but I submit to you that it’s not completely so.

I celebrate the jury finding. But the task is not complete.

I submit to you that it’s time that we brought those responsible for these situations occurring, to Justice. Let’s start with the governor of wisconsin. We can bring in the city officials including the district attorney and the ADA.

Let’s not forget the CNN’s and MSNBCs of the world. They too, bear responsibility here.

And let’s bring Joe Biden into the mix. He who famously called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist… which of course was not true.

The only way that Justice will be done with any of these creatures is to either bring them to heel, or put them under the heel. And we’d better do it soon, we have a country to save.

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