For four and a half years all we heard out of the elite was effectively chanting “F___ Donald Trump”, whereas in majority, Joe and Jane Everyman were singing Trump’s praises. Indeed, they still are. The elitist left kept using every leverage it had including a few illegal ones to secure a position in the white house for Mr Biden, and at least officially they managed to succeed, albeit with large questions about vote fraud still looming.

Fast forward to today, and we see the elite circling the wagons around Joe Biden, while Joe and Jane average are chanting in thunderous majority “F___ Joe Biden” .

Leaving aside the issue of the utter disaster that Joe Biden has been for the Democrat party, an injury to that party which will continue to play large for the next several cycles, the one thing that these events have shown us is that the elitist left doesn’t have nearly the popular support that they tried to make us believe they had.

For generations now, the Democratic party has been trying desperately to paint a picture of everyone outside the party as being out of touch elite. The last roughly 15 years however have taught us that exactly the opposite is true….That the out of touch elite is in fact the Democrat party, and the evidence of this is overwhelming, and increasingly so with every passing week.

Thus are the battle lines drawn, between the elite who believe government should be unlimited and the rest of us is still believe in the Constitution and say that government must be limited.

The answer to the question of how this is going to play in the next several election cycles would normally be obvious, but there’s still the question of vote fraud to be reckoned with.