Arrested for shooting at his nephew, released on $500 Bail.

Accused of hitting the mother of his child, and then running her over with that red SUV of his, released on $1,000 Bail

Arrested for murdering 6, injuring 50 after driving that SUV into a Waukesha Christmas parade: held $5000000 bail.

Uh huh.

Boy, it took quite a while for that “systemic racism” to kick in, didn’t it?

Interesting though, how the authorities up there in Wisconsin decided that it wasn’t a terrorist event. I suspect and suppose that they were trying to say that it wasn’t Islam related, and that may or may not be true. But he was a BLM supporter a Biden voter and a never Trumper, so there’s that. And I’m willing to bet that if you honestly looked at the band of criminals known as BLM, you would find that most of the boxes are checked, in the column “terrorist group”.

There’s only one answer to this situation and it does not involve making excuses for this animal, saying that he was oppressed.

But there’s something else I also want to see. I want to see prosecution against office. Jail time, at least. Let’s disabuse ourselves of the notion that our legal system needs to make excuses for animals like this.

As I have said previously, if the government was actually doing the job it was charged with, Kenosha wouldn’t have happened, and neither would that event at the Christmas parade… Based on his previous crimes he would have been in a cage where he belonged.

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