Friend Billy Beck mentions yesterday:

Five hundred and four years ago, this day, modern individualism began with every bang of Martin Luther’s hammer on the door at All Saints’ Church, Wittenberg, Germany.

I was quick to point out to his readers that this is an argument that he and I have both been making for years, now. To the point, America, as conceived by the founders, could not have been so conceived absent the work of Martin Luther hundreds of years before.

As fate would have it, an event happened on the same day which I was quick to mention…

And you know, come to think of it, what we have here is a rather interesting juxtaposition… just yesterday, we had the supposed leader of the Free World crap his pants in the midst of an audience with the same Catholic hierarchy that Martin Luther stood up against.

Profiles in courage versus profiles in diarrhea.

Now, you know what happened. The Cardinals in the Catholic church here in America are gathering to decide whether or not Joe Biden will continue to receive communion given his very unchristian stance on abortion.

The pope meanwhile, being a devout communist, recognizes that the interest of Communism is served by Joe Biden continuing to have the bully pulpit in America and so reinforces Biden’s membership in the Catholic Church with this meeting. Apparently, that’s why Biden needed to bypass that bathroom visit.

Yet, understanding how it all came about doesn’t change the questions that the event raises.

Consider the total package, consider everything that we’ve been delivered by this president in just the eight short months that he’s been in office.

In less than a year, the man fell up the stairs, pooped his pants in front of the Pope, and fell asleep at what he deemed a meeting relative to the biggest crisis in our history.

If Trump would have done just one of these things, Mind you, just one, the Democrats would be out for blood. Okay, let’s face it…. they’d be out for blood anyway but you know what I mean.

And certainly the supposed mainstream media would be all over these events and questioning his ability to lead and they would be working tirelessly to end his presidency. But because the guy has a large D after his name….