The so-called Facebook fact checkers have been showing their leftist bias for some time now. Since the beginning, in fact. So it was no surprise when are you supposedly explosive allegations showed up on Capitol Hill, essentially demanding that government oversight of Facebook be run by unelected bureaucrats who share this woman’s view of what constitutes a security issue for as she calls it our democracy.

Well, first of all of course, we don’t have a democracy we have a representative republic. Her use of that phrase in that manner exposes her true goals essentially she wants the left to be able to control Facebook and what gets posted there.

They already do that of course, but she wants those overseers to have governmental powers. It’s called criminalizing opposition to the radical left.

Her bleating about Iran and the Taliban and so on was designed specifically to gain support among centrists. But the fact is that beyond that headline maker she has never understood nor cared about it previously.

Remember also that as I keep saying anything that government puts its hand to is certain to become a political football.

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