I’ve been saying all along that Rittenhouse, justifiably, will walk away from these charges. That was confirmed in testimony yesterday, when the prosecution’s own witness was forced to admit that the kid fired in self-defense.

Defense attorney Chirafisi: “It wasn’t until you advanced on [Rittenhouse], with your hand down and gun pointed toward his head that he fired, correct?”

Grosskreutz: “Correct.”

Show’s over, fade to black. If you’d like you can watch the video here.

The reaction of the prosecutor to the truth actually coming out was priceless;

It’s both amusing and instructive to note that the collective is left has used the same tactics here, that they were using against Donald trump. Keep screaming wise Volume 11, allow the press to repeat those lies endlessly as if they were Stone Cold fact.

Oh, and let’s make sure that any exculpatory evidence doesn’t make it in front of the jury. Like for example, the fact that the prosecution is witness that apparently remarked into a friend about how we regretted not killing Rittenhouse. Meanwhile, it came out yesterday that the prosecution was planning on casting Grosskreutz as the hero. Apparently when you’re a prosecutor, particularly a Democrat, the truth need not apply because the narrative is more important.

Dear reader, here we have yet another example of the actual truth exposing the left as narrative for the lie that it is.

The remaining problem is the same one that we’re dealing with as regards the charges the left has been continuously making against Donald trump. Into their hands for so long that they can’t accept it’s not the truth even when the evidence is directly in front of them as in this case. As a result, as with the case of Donald trump, the leftist chance of guilty will far out last being disproven.

Oh, one more thing…