There is a common theme running through the election results, everywhere you look. No more pronounced is it however then in the gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey, and notably it’s a theme that’s being ignored by the usual pundits.

I don’t have the party affiliation figures to hand but I’m going to assume for the sake of this piece that Virginia is running about 60% Democrat and New Jersey closer to 90%. New jersey, particularly is a state where Democrats are absolute slam dunk regardless of what office they’re running for it, so heavily is the lean to the left.

So then, how is it that Terry McAuliffe is packing his bags, and how is it that the New Jersey race got supposedly unpredictably close?

In Virginia, Republicans and independents may well have been totally turned off by Terry McAuliffe telling them they have no right to direct their children’s education but given the sheer numbers of the thing, there’s no way that they would be able to mount a successful effort to remove him from office over it. Similarly, Republicans and Independents in New Jersey may have been turned off by Phil Murphy’s unconstitutional and dictatorial mandates but there’s no way that they’d be able to mount a successful effort to remove office over it. They just don’t have the numbers.

Were these vote numbers caused by racism has so many on the left have charged? That charge would seem problematic on its face, given that the same vote that turned Terry McAuliffe out of office installed Virginia’s first black woman in a statewide office and installed a Hispanic as attorney general the controversial CRT May well have been a motivation but racism in its raw form this boat most certainly was not.

With the kind of majorities that the Democrats have in the rank and file of those respective States there’s only one way for the kind of thing we saw in that election to happen. That being a goodly number of Democrats reaching the international enough line with the leadership of their own party. That’s the only way those kind of vote totals are going to happen.

But do the leftist pundits learn anything from this? No, they doubled down I sat and watched as mega moron Joy Reid tell us that the whole thing was because of racist parents who don’t want to turn their children over to the government

Van Jones played the same line.

The fact is they drag these arguments out because they don’t have anything else. Again if racism is the problem how do you explain the lieutenant governor and attorney general elect in Virginia?

It’s clear that the leading voices of the left absolutely refuse to learn the lesson taught by the election results the evidence is right in front of them, and the leading left is voices refused to see it, despite the fact that so many of the Democrat rank and file have, at least for now, learned the lesson of how hollow and meritless the Democrat party has become

I’ll say this is clearly and concisely as I can, the election results show clearly that rank and file members of the Democrat party have become disgusted by the actions of their own party and voted accordingly.

I will tell you this also, the situation for the Democrats is going to get even worse. The events of the last year have set the stage for an electoral bloodbath for the Democrats like this country has never seen before.

Now that someone has had the honesty of the courage to point out that the emperor doesn’t have any clothes on oh, there’s only one way that this is going to go.

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