Several thoughts here.

First, without the street photographers continuously taking pictures of what was going on, the videos on the subject would never have come up. For example the FBI video. We would have been forced to conclude that what the news media was telling us was the truth. It wasn’t, of course.

Alec Baldwin was unavailable for comment.

Kyle Rittenhouse is probably in larger danger now than he was during the riots last Summer. We all know that the left’s temper tantrum is going to continue.

I’m reasonably sure the Kyle Rittenhouse is going to come away from this a very rich man once the civil suits have been run through process. Even Nick Sandman told Rittenhouse that he should sue the pants off everybody involved. I think he’s got a point. It’s my guess that the mainstream media won’t be paying much attention to that particular story. But it’s my view that he was defamed by several people and every blessed one of them should be sued including Joe Biden who called him a white supremacist.

Of course it wasn’t true. If it was, the prosecution would have had immense amounts of proof to that point. In fact they had months to develop that case. They never did. And yet the idiot in Chief decided for reasons unknown to most of humanity that shooting three white guys is a racist act.

Christmas shopping in Kenosha begins this evening precisely at sundown, and will most likely continue every night until there is no more downtown left. They’ve already got a pretty good head start.

Somebody needs to tell Stephen King to shut up.

I can’t help but wonder when we’re going to see attempted murder charges leveled against the prosecution’s start witness. We all know that’s not going to happen despite the fact that he had a gun pointed directly at Kyle Rittenhouse’s head. All on video with np question about the evidence. It doesn’t mesh at all with the left and it’s agenda…. Therefore it charges will never be filed.

It’ll never happen but it would be absolutely precious to see the look on the Jury’s face when they find out the criminal record involved with the people that Rittenhouse shot… This was information that was kept from them during the trial.

Along those lines..

This trial was not about Kyle Rittenhouse per se. This was about the ability of Joe and Jane average to defend themselves against groups of Communists threatening to burn loot pillage and kill.

Since I declared Kyle Rittenhouse innocent some weeks ago, Facebook has put a limit on my account.

As it turns out I’m not alone. Obviously, they’re not tremendously interested in the idea getting out the Kyle Rittenhouse actually had more support than they ever did… If Facebook has never tried to silence you, you had best step up your game.

This fight is not over yet.

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