So we’re all busy watching a trial which is in essence trying to determine if Kyle Rittenhouse had the right to defend himself against BLM supporters who were trying to kill him. These are individuals who all had extensive criminal records as shown below.

Meantime we have the leaders of BLM in New York City saying that if the new mayor starts cracking down on crime that the reaction from BLM will be violence.

One of the obvious conclusions to draw from all of this is that if government was actually doing its job in controlling crime instead of aiding and abetting it, individuals like Kyle Rittenhouse David Dorn, who by the way lost his life wouldn’t have felt the need to step in.

Ask Tucker Carlson says when government refuses to do its job citizens will rise up.

This trial is not about Kyle Rittenhouse per se. Rather it is about your ability to defend yourself from criminals that the government has been aiding and abetting. There’s no longer any conclusion to draw.