There’s something in all of this that isn’t being talked about much. That’s the idea that the left seems to be operating under the notion that the people who burned Kenosha, along with many other places of course, are somehow justified in their violence.

That’s certainly the message being sent by the government of the city of Kenosha and the state government as well. They basically sacrificed Kenosha. The question, of course, is why?

The only answer to the question if there’s any honesty involved, is that the people with the power of government in their hands used that power in the way they did… Sacrificing a goodly portion of their cities because they thought that was political advantage to it. Specifically, they’re unspoken goal was to put a Democrat in the White House. Accomplishing that goal was of greater worth to them them maintaining law and order, protecting private property, and the truth.

Those in denial of this point, ignore one salient truth that I’ve spoken before….Again, I point to the fact that the rioting ceased the moment that goal was accomplished…. Not not just in Kenosha but across the entire country. Almost like it was orchestrated.

It was orchestrated, of course.

All through last summer I watched these riots occur and I watched the arrest records of the people who were being arrested, or who are otherwise identified as being rioters in the various cities. And I was struck with a parallel.

Perhaps you remember Blazing Saddles, where a corrupt government official (portrayed admirably by Harvey Korman)…. Well, perhaps it’s best if you see it yourself

Think about it. Does it strike anyone as being beyond coincidence that the people who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse as an example, all of them were known for being multiple felons?

And to push it even further beyond coincidence, the animal who drove through that Christmas parade is also a multiple felon, and it’s becoming clear that he did that because he was annoyed at the not guilty verdict in the Rittenhouse case.

None of this would have happened was the government actually doing its job instead of aiding and abetting a band of thugs…

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